Shilo Sanders

Colorado Buffalo Star Shilo Sanders Declares For Bankruptcy After Losing $12 Million Judgment

The details surrounding the 2015 incident remain unclear. However, court documents allege that a young Shilo Sanders , then a high school student, had an altercation with a security guard. The guard sustained injuries and a broken neck and subsequently filed a lawsuit.

Years passed, with Shilo focusing on his athletic career. Unfortunately, the legal case remained unresolved. In 2022, the court found Shilo liable for assault and battery, resulting in the substantial $11.89 million judgment.

Lawsuit: A high school security guard, John Darjean, sued Shilo sanders for assault stemming from a 2015 incident. The court ruled in Darjean’s favor, awarding him $11.89 million.

Let’s unpack this colossal fumble. In 2015, while his father, Deion Sanders, reigned as CEO of a now-defunct charter school system, Shilo sanders allegedly assaulted a security guard enforcing a no-phone policy. The details include : a shove, and punches – a security guard simply doing his job left seriously injured. Shockingly, Shilo sanders didn’t even bother to show up for court, resulting in a default judgment.

Shilo’s path forward won’t be easy. However, there’s room for understanding and personal growth. He can use this experience to become a more responsible young man, both on and off the field. Perhaps, he can even become an advocate for clearer communication and conflict resolution within high school environments.

This story is far from over. Shilo has the potential to overcome this hurdle and emerge a stronger, more mature individual. Let’s see how this young athlete navigates the challenges ahead, both on the field and in his personal life.