Does Angel Reese Deserve More Credit for the WNBA’s Growth?

The recent rise in WNBA viewership is a positive trend for the league. However, assigning sole credit to one player can be tricky. This article examines the claim that Angel Reese, rather than Caitlin Clark, is the driving force behind this growth

Reese’s Impact: Social Media Savvy and Energetic Play

Let’s dissect the hype:

Undeniably, Angel Reese brings a unique presence. She boasts the most Instagram followers of any WNBA player, even before her draft. She utilizes this platform to promote the league and connect with fans. Her energetic playing style and infectious personality are also captivating.

  • Social Media Queen: With the most Instagram followers of any WNBA player, Reese leverages that platform to promote the league and connect with fans. This pre-existing fanbase followed her into the professional ranks.
  • Flashy and Fun: Reese’s flamboyant personality and energetic celebrations are a breath of fresh air. She isn’t afraid to express herself, attracting a new generation of fans who crave authenticity.

Angel Reese: A Force for Change On and Off the Court

Even as a rookie in the WNBA with the Chicago Sky, Angel Reese is already making waves. But her impact goes beyond just impressive stats on the court. Reese is a young leader who’s using her platform to advocate for a brighter future for the WNBA and young athletes, especially young women of color.

On the Court Domination:

Reese’s talent speaks for itself. Her collegiate career at LSU was phenomenal, and she’s seamlessly transitioned that dominance to the pros. Her powerful presence in the paint is a nightmare for opposing teams, and her leadership is a boon for the Sky.

A Vocal Advocate:

But Reese isn’t afraid to speak her mind off the court either. She’s been vocal about issues like unequal treatment between teams regarding travel and resources. She’s also called out online bullying directed at players. This willingness to advocate for fairness and professionalism is a refreshing change in the league.

Inspiring the Next Generation:

Perhaps Reese’s biggest impact is on young athletes, particularly young Black girls. As a role model, she shatters stereotypes and proves that anything is possible. She’s a savvy businesswoman with her own brand, “Bayou Barbie,” a play on the traditional doll, but with a message of empowerment.

A Brighter Future for the WNBA:

With her talent, leadership, and business acumen, Angel Reese is a driving force for change in the WNBA. She’s inspiring a new generation of fans and athletes, advocating for player well-being, and pushing for a more professional and equitable league. The future of the WNBA is undoubtedly brighter with players like Angel Reese leading the way.